Negative design feedback come in the form of problems...

That negative design feedback come in the form of problems rather than solutions. For instance, feedback that describes how to change something or how to design some element of the UI prevents us from bringing our own expertise to bear on the issue.

Good feedback describes the problem; for instance, how a specific or general business or project requirement is not adequately or properly addressed by the current strategy or by a specific feature of the design. In short, we’ll need stakeholder to point out problems you perceive rather than communicate solutions to us.

Feedback is so important why?
When design completed correctly with expectation, then receiving feedback is the most valuable part of any designing process. It doesn’t matter how experienced the designer is. Without feedback from other people, you cannot be sure your work will be appreciated and understood by anyone other than yourself.

Personally, I always have my blog/article posts and my app designs reviewed by several people before publishing. This ensures that they are coherent, engaging, understandable, and provide actual value to others.

How to ask for feedback to users
When we receive general feedback, The most important aspect of getting insightful, actionable feedback is to create an environment & space where the person/user you’re asking for feedback from is as comfortable as possible. Stress and anxiety ruin our ability to think clearly and critically, and fear of insulting others prevents us from saying what we really think.

Tell them which type of feedback you want
When someone asks us to feedback, create new/edit, or critique anything, I always have many questions: What is the purpose of you coming to me for feedback? Do you want me give you a thumbs-up and a high-five? Or do you want my detailed, no-holds-barred constructive criticism on even the finest of details? These all type of question need to be prepared for user where you asking for feedback,

Give time to people
Give people time to consider and reply/respond. To get a really considerate answer, give them the work in advance, and ask them to take a look at it before a short discussion in the near, but respectable, future (later that day, but not in 5 minutes). Consider asking them to take notes of their most pressing thoughts, and to consider specific questions that you send along with your designs.

Ask them what they do not like
Talked about the greater importance of receiving negative feedback—asking people what they hate, not what they love.

Accept feedback gracefully
The most important step in receiving valuable feedback is honing your ability to receive constructive criticism graciously.

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