JioFiber Self Service
Enhancing the JioFiber Customer Experience with Proactive AI-Based Solutions & Self-Service Options, Empowering Customers to Resolve Fiber-Related Issues Independently

Head of Product & Design at Jio
Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough of the Year 2023,

Best innovation in Telecom 2023
User Research, Design Audit, User Stories, Competitive Research, Prototyping, stakeholder management

The Statement

The Reliance Jio Home business is experiencing exponential growth, now reaching ~1,608 towns and serving approximately ~10 million connected homes.

This number is expected to expand to ~20 million by FY 2025. To efficiently manage such a vast volume of connected customers via call/chat with existing customer service process is very difficult.

Customer Service KPIs (2022)


Getting every day to get Fiber Related support

Average Handle Time

Calls are answered within the first minute.

Current CSAT score for Fiber Service support

The average time user wait to connect with an agent.

Call Abandonment Rate, indicating potential issues with wait times or call routing.

Customer call for repeat issues and problems which can be fixed easy

Current NPS Score we have for Fiber Service


Discovered an innovative approach to customer care with JioFiber's cutting-edge AI solutions and self-service options. Our proactive system empowers customers to tackle fiber-related issues independently, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free & excellent user experience. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to efficient problem-solving at customer fingertips.

Dipping a toe in each pond.

In the bustling realm of customer care, where every interaction holds the potential to shape brand perception and customer loyalty, a new challenge emerges—a call for innovation in the way we serve and support our clientele. It's amidst this dynamic landscape that a visionary initiative takes root—a quest to revolutionize customer care through a blend of tradition and cutting-edge innovation.

How might we?

...motivate Fiber users to remain engaged with the platform and consistently enjoy the top-notch self-service they've come to anticipate?

Our goals and KPIs have been set here. [Target]

Prior to commencing any initiative, it's essential to align with our business goals and corresponding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

This ensures that our solutions have a significant impact on both our business performance and customer experiences. Ultimately, this approach contributes to enhancing customer retention and engagement.

Our Goals

Saving Time & Efforts

The level of effort required for customers to resolve an issue should be low.
Great Customer Experience

Offer swift, user-friendly, and efficient self-service options throughout the entirety of the fiber journey.

Ability to solve most of their changes/ issues/ problems via App/ Web
Proactive solutions with AI

Delivering customers with proactive and easily accessible solutions for their fiber broadband-related issues.
Empowering & Trusting

Enabling customers to have ownership and confidence in addressing their reported issues and challenges across various flows
Gathering Feedback

Collecting feedback following the resolution of each complaint or issue so we can improve the servives

KPIs Target to achieve in 2023 Jan


Reduction is possible by utilizing self-service options.

The average handling time can be decreased to.

During our initial launch, customers can employ Self Service to address various types of issues.

Enhanced the Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score for Fiber Service support from its current.

The average wait time for customers to connect with an agent can be minimized.

Call Abandonment Rate, indicating potential issues with wait times or call routing.

Customer call for repeat issues and problems which can be fixed easy

increase NPS Score for Fiber Service


As a digital solution, we've developed a dedicated app for JioFiber users, empowering them with self-service capabilities. With this app, users can independently troubleshoot and diagnose common issues such as slow speed, network connectivity, relocation, and bill payment problems.

Key Solution

An essential digital innovation, we've crafted a specialized app tailored for JioFiber subscribers, granting them self-sufficiency in managing their services. This application equips users to autonomously address and resolve typical concerns like sluggish internet speeds, network connectivity issues, relocation inquiries, and bill payments.

Proactive Communications
It assists users in identifying and resolving issues independently.

Speed Test
The user can easily test the speed and comprehend it effortlessly.

Fiber Home experience
The user can view the complete Fiber dashboard, including its associated modules and features.

Design Process

As a digital solution, we've developed a dedicated app for JioFiber users, empowering them with self-service capabilities. With this app, users can independently troubleshoot and diagnose common issues such as slow speed, network connectivity, relocation, and bill payment problems.

Research & Ideate
Turn idea from concept and brainstorm to MVP.

Sketch out the product to align the user needs.

Convert the designs into a live application.

Launching the application to the market.

Our Timeline

Our achievement in the journey depicted in numbers

01 - Ideation

  • - Brainstorming
  • - Crazy8
  • - FGD (Focus Group Discussion)
  • - Research
  • - Interview
02 Research and wireframe

  • Interview
  • Crazy8
  • empathy Map
  • Competitor analysis
  • User journey
  • General Flow
  • Design trend Research
  • Low Fi testing (AB)
03 Hifi Design

  • Design Main Cases
  • Design Edge Cases
  • Design UI documentation
  • Design System Audit
  • Design Flow Per Cases
04 Prototype and Testing

  • - General Prototype
  • - Crazy8
  • - Edge cases Prototype
  • - Usability Testing
  • - Gather Feedback
  • - Design Revision
05 Development

  • Handoff to developer
  • Documentation
  • Translate from UI to code
  • Unit Testing
  • UI audit
  • Gather Feedback
  • Layout Revision after feedback
  • Ready to test
06 Testing -> Release

  • Testcase Creation
  • Flow Creation from QA
  • QA documentation
  • UI Audit
  • Revision to developer
  • General Testing
  • Release MVP

Research [How We Started?]

During the research phase, my initial step involved quantitatively validating the utility of this feature for our users. Additionally, I utilized specific questions to gain insights into the most prevalent use cases.

Our objective is to elevate the Home Customer Experience by implementing proactive AI-based end-to-end automation, enabling customers to effortlessly access a comprehensive overview of their services via a few taps on the MyJio application.

We aim to empower our integrated teams, including field engineers, call center agents, and Network Operations Center (NoC) staff, by providing them with a unified view. This will enable them to support customers efficiently and consistently across all channels.


We conducted user research encompassing diverse demographics, including tech-savvy individuals, rural area users, non-tech-savvy users, and students. Our aim was to understand user behavior, needs, and motivations through a combination of quantitative and qualitative interviews, focus groups, and demographic analysis conducted across India.

Key themes explored during user interviews.

The following areas have been identified for enhancement to elevate the overall Jio Home Customer Experience: Internet speed, WiFi coverage and speed, Service Status, Service Requests, Plan & Usage, OTT app services, and Voice services. By focusing on these aspects, my aim to address users' pain points and anticipate their needs, thus fostering a superior Jio customer experience.

Survey Results

Following the interviews, I synthesised the gathered data to gain a deeper understanding of the user requirements and pain points. My objective was to investigate user behaviour and needs concerning internet speed, and other objectives which were subsequently analysed in detail.

Interview Findings - Internet Speed

Says Speed is an important feature

Deem auto detection and correction of slow speeds crucial.

Says Speed on Wi-Fi vs Router need to be shown.

Says need to see current upload and download speed
Interview Findings - WiFi Coverage

Anticipate benefits from prior internet disconnection alerts.

Expect critical information: time remaining for restoration.

Says need alerts & automatic detection of rooms with poor Wi-Fi coverage.

Advocate for self-troubleshooting to enhance Wi-Fi coverage.
Interview Findings - Internet Plan and Usage

of customers expect "days before expiry" information.

advocate for displaying the remaining GB amount.

Recommend displaying the current plan and its benefits/features.

Indicates the request to display the amount of GB already used.
Many more topics...

Competitive Analysis

A plethora of digital applications and online platforms provide analogous services. Exploring these platforms allows for a better comprehension of user behaviour and business objectives. Accessing them offers valuable insights into user preferences and strategic aims. Studying these platforms aids in identifying trends and patterns in user engagement. Overall, delving into these digital landscapes enhances understanding of industry dynamics and market trends.

User Persona

From the insights gathered during user interviews, I crafted user personas to grasp their shared objectives, challenges, and behaviors. This understanding enables me to devise effective solutions tailored to their needs.

Features & Functionalities

Our features and functionality are meticulously designed with one goal in mind: to cater to the diverse needs of our users. We are dedicated to identifying and understanding the challenges they face, ensuring that our platform not only solves their problems but also anticipates their needs. Whether it's streamlining processes, providing valuable insights, or offering innovative solutions, we are committed to delivering a seamless experience that exceeds expectations and fosters long-term satisfaction. Below are listed a few pain points that have been transformed into features for us.

Display and assess WiFi coverage, with the capability to generate a Heat Map and label rooms. If room coverage is inadequate, users can diagnose the issue independently.
Display proactive notifications indicating issues with the ONT (router) when there is any problem in the Fiber connection, and offer a troubleshoot option where users can diagnose the issue themselves.
Display proactive notifications indicating issues with the Fiber remote. Upon clicking the alert, self-troubleshooting steps along with a video demo of troubleshooting will be provided.
Upsell & Cross sell: Customers can buy device accessories if certain components malfunction like, Remote Control: If issues persist after pairing. Adaptor: If malfunctioning occurs. Jio Extender: For weak signals in any room.
Customers will have the option to relocate their ONT/Fiber connection within the same address/home, either through an SR conversion or a new order. This ensures a seamless experience for users utilizing fiber services.
Live TV outage – individual live TV channel outage to be shown. Only those channels outage notification to be shown which the customer watches frequently
The customer billing and payment processes, as well as the device pick-up and refund procedures, need to be established to facilitate smooth transactions for users.
Customer vouchers and offers can be provided to facilitate easy utilization and redemption for users.
Customers can access information about OTT-related apps, activate or deactivate them as needed, and diagnose any issues if they are not functioning as expected.

User Journeys & Flows

Based on user interview insights and feature identification, we conducted a deep dive into user journeys and flows. This process allows us to understand their preferred navigation paths and satisfaction levels with each option. By analyzing these journeys, we aim to determine the most optimal paths that provide the best user experience for them.

Information Architecture

People often use the word “Information Architechture” to mean the meanus on website or apps, but thats not really correct. while menus are a part of IA. they’re relly only one part of it. Information architechture is all about organization of information in a clear and logical way. such organization follows a clear purpose helping users navigate complex sets of information

Design Decisions & Determining the hotspots.

We intend to incorporate all the features identified through our research as essential user needs, thereby crafting an entirely new experience within the existing MyJio app. This revamped version will feature a new visual language that embodies Jio's modern and pioneering ethos.

We complemented these visuals with a comprehensive native-based module system. Furthermore, the self-service module will be robust, appearing only when an issue is detected. The interconnected UX and UI screens seamlessly link all components, ensuring a superior user experience.

Initiate proactive communication with users regarding any detected issues related to Fiber broadband.

Whenever our system detects any issues related to the Fiber experience, it notifies users to take specific actions. This proactive approach prevents them from having to contact the call center and wait in queues for agent assistance. It empowers users to diagnose the problem themselves. If the issue persists despite the suggested actions, we schedule an appointment with field engineers to address their concerns in person.

This proactive communication ensures users receive empathetic and personalized service, enhancing their overall experience with our services. We believe it significantly improves customer service.
Assess WiFi Speed

Test your WiFi speed using our app.

We have designed an experience for our users to assess whether they are receiving the speed they subscribed to. If not, they can diagnose the issue and understand why they are not achieving the expected speed. Our app provides quick resolutions for common issues, and if the problem persists, users can create a service request.

This ensures that users receive prompt assistance, and if necessary, an appointment is scheduled with a customer representative. This approach enhances user experience with our app and services.
WiFi Coverage

Evaluate WiFi coverage using our app. Our application allows users to assess the extent of their WiFi coverage. They can determine if there are any areas with weak or no signal, enabling them to optimize their network setup for better connectivity throughout their space.

Users can easily add rooms and check the coverage by simply tapping on them within the app. They also receive a heatmap to visualize areas with poor coverage, allowing them to identify specific areas that require improvement.

Our system can suggest upselling or cross-selling options for extenders to enhance coverage in those areas. If issues persist, we provide diagnostic guidance to assist users in resolving them effectively.
Manage WiFi & Router

With our app, managing your WiFi connection and router is as easy as tapping your fingertip.

  • Instantly manage WiFi and router settings whether you're home or away.
  • Connect seamlessly with one-tap access to available networks.
  • Adjust settings effortlessly, from WiFi names to security configurations.
  • Keep track of network performance, connected devices, and data usage.
  • Ensure network security with guest networks, parental controls, and firewall protection.
  • Stay current with firmware and security patches through automatic notifications.
Manage Connected Devices

It provides users with a self-service interface to monitor and control the devices connected to their network

  • Displays a comprehensive list of all devices currently connected to the broadband network.
  • Users can easily identify each connected device by its name or assigned label.
  • It shows the current connection status of each device, indicating whether it's actively connected to the network or offline.
  • Temporarily or permanently block a device from accessing the network
  • It provide insights into device-specific data usage, showing how much bandwidth each device consumes over a specified period.
Manage LiveTv and Usages

The "Manage LiveTV and Usages" feature in self-service allows users to easily control their live TV settings and monitor usage. This tool provides real-time management options, ensuring a seamless and personalized viewing experience.
Plan & Manage Subscriptions

Users have the convenience of managing, changing, or updating their subscription plans seamlessly via the app, all at their fingertips. Through a user-friendly interface, they can easily navigate to the subscription management section, where they can view their current plan details and make adjustments as needed. Whether they want to upgrade to a higher-tier plan for additional features or downgrade to a more economical option, the app provides a straightforward process for these changes.

Additionally, users can update their billing information, such as payment methods or billing addresses, ensuring uninterrupted service. With just a few taps, users can tailor their subscription to meet their evolving needs, providing them with greater flexibility and control over their account directly from their mobile device.

Users crave for a unique yet familiar feel to their FIBER experience

Usability Test

Its enable Jio to enhance Home Customer Experience through Proactive AI based end to end Automation and empowering customer to get 360 view of his services with few clicks on My Jio application.

I recruited 9 participants between 24-35 years old who have had different degrees of experience using JioFiber or similar service to take part in a series of tasks, which involved:

Learnings from this usability testing

The insights gained from this usability testing, particularly while testing concepts with users to understand their behaviours, have been instrumental in refining our flows and experiences.

  • Wifi_TetheringIn general, the flow appears to be satisfactory with minor adjustments, and there is a need to add a few screens to certain flows.
  • Wifi_TetheringProofreading of UX writing needs to be conducted, taking into account users of all age groups, particularly on the self-diagnosis page and instruction page. For instance, terms like "Wi-Fi speed" and "Wi-Fi coverage" may be understood similarly by the majority of users.
  • Wifi_TetheringUsers were pleased upon encountering the segmented deck for the corresponding services.
  • Wifi_TetheringVideos appear to be a great idea, but some additional considerations included: Instructions based on images Instructions based on GIFs Video snippets illustrating the steps covered in instructions, accompanied by text.

Business Impact & Outcome

Launching a Fiber self-service app within MyJio have significant positive impacts on various key performance indicators (KPIs) related to customer satisfaction, efficiency, and revenue generation. Here's how it could potentially affect different KPIs:


Improved User Experience

CSAT increased by ~30% due to the enhanced convenience and control offered by the self-service app.

Average wait times

Average wait times decrease by 50-60% as customers can resolve issues independently, leading to higher satisfaction levels.

Decreased Support Calls

Support calls reduced by 70-75% as customers utilize the self-service app for issue resolution.

Efficient Issue Resolution

FCR rates improved by 70% due to faster resolution times enabled by the app.

Average Handling Time (AHT)

AHT decreased by 45-50% as fewer calls require manual intervention from support agents.

Upselling Opportunitie

Upselling revenue increased by 50-65% as the app presents targeted offers and promotions.

Improved Retention

Customer retention rates improved by 80-85% as satisfied customers are more likely to stay subscribed to MyJio fiber services.

Streamlined Operations

Operational costs reduced by 30-45% through automation and process optimisation facilitated by the app.

Increased Usage

Service adoption rates rised by 80-85% as the app encourages more users to engage with fiber services.

Peeling back the surface to uncover the real issue

During this project, I realized that what initially seemed like a clear-cut "problem" wasn't always so straightforward. I encountered situations where what I perceived as a problem turned out to be more of a matter of differing opinions.

In one of these instances, I found it necessary to pause and examine an idea more closely, considering it from various perspectives including those of the users and the business. This involved analyzing the situation comprehensively and adjusting the framing of the problem accordingly.

Focus on key features: Through extensive usability testing, I gained valuable insights and identified clear patterns regarding areas requiring improvement. My focus remained on enhancing elements that would deliver optimal value to the user.

Team, Design & Product

Design & Product

That sounds like a fantastic collaboration! Working closely with both design and product teams can lead to exceptional results. From conceptualization to delivery, each team brings unique expertise to the table, ensuring that the final product meets both user needs and business goals

Prateek Dave
Head of Design & Product






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