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A Head of Product Design with a business mindset combines design expertise with strategic thinking and entrepreneurial spirit to drive business success through exceptional user experiences.
With 14 years of experience in leading design teams and driving product vision, I thrive on transforming ideas into seamless user experiences. From conceptualisation to launch, I specialise in combining strategic thinking with creative flair to craft products that exceed expectations.

A designer with a deep love for exploration and creativity. When I'm not immersed in the world of design, you'll often find me wandering off the beaten path, camera in hand, capturing the beauty of our world.

Strategic Alignment

I grasp the overarching business objectives and ensure that design endeavors are in sync with the company's goals. I have the ability to prioritize design endeavors that significantly influence key business metrics like revenue, customer satisfaction, and market share.
Data-Driven Decision Making

I utilize data and analytics to guide design choices and assess the impact of design solutions. I possess the knowledge of effectively employing both quantitative and qualitative data to pinpoint opportunities, validate assumptions, and enhance user experiences.
Entrepreneurial Spirit

I demonstrate an entrepreneurial mindset, actively pursuing opportunities for innovation and expansion. I'm open to taking well-considered risks and exploring novel ideas and methods to propel product success in the market.

Voices of Praise: Colleague Testimonials

"Prateek is truly an exceptional talent. Prateek is not only a really fantastic communicator and friendly team member. He also has many different roles that he can take on professionally. As a digital product designer and UX expert, he sets the bar very high for himself and the JioCare programme, both in terms of content and people. And he does so at a world-class level that can hold its own in front of the international market. In addition, he has a knowledge and feel for far-sighted design management, but also project management qualities that are not often found in the UX field. I would say, and I mean this as a compliment, he has the ease and speed of India and almost German management qualities when it comes to good design. I am very happy to have such a colleague in the team who you can rely on blindly.
Something very good will always come out of it when Prateek takes care of it."

"I have worked successfully and trustingly with Prateek for many years. He successfully supported and implemented several extensive projects for my team at SIXT AG. His tasks were the conception and design of e-commerce websites and mobile apps for many customer facing products of SIXT, like Rent a Car, SIXT Share, SIXT Ride and others. The collaboration was always flawless; he is friendly, reliable and always delivers high-quality work. What is impressive is his commitment to the product, for which he also thinks beyond the actual order and develops suggestions. I can recommend him without reservation and would like to express my thanks for the work he has done so far."

"Prateek is a great UX designer and a fantastic professional. We worked together on the Digital Checkout experience @ Sixt where he demonstrated tremendous dedication, quality and collaboration. Always coming up with great solutions and always focusing on crafting the best customer experience. "

"Prateek's superpower is a very keen user focus combined with the ability to always keep business goals in mind. With his professional demeanor and good communication skills, he makes a valuable contribution to design teams bridging the gap between business, product and technology. I could trust Prateek to independently take care of the entire UX value chain, from translating insights into concepts through designing pixel-perfect UIs to proper engineering handover and monitoring of the implementation process. He is able to achieve good quality even within tight deadlines. In addition, Prateek is very capable of quickly adapting to different project set-ups and organizational structures, making him an asset in fast-paced professional environments. I recommend his practical design skills as well as his ability to manage stakeholder expectations."

"I was working with Prateek on several projects that had UIs - both internally used, and customer-facing. Prateek provided the screen designs but also created the overall flows for some of the solutions. His work is always of high quality, and very actionable for our FE engineers to implement. I like the precision in his work, he respects both style guidelines and CI and creates very appealing designs that people simply want to use. His attitude is friendly and professional."

"It's been an absolute pleasure working with Prateek over the last few quarters as he has helped me understand the various aspects of Sixt from day one. Prateek also can navigate between constraints of engineering all the while not compromising on design creativity and customer experience. He doesn't need a lot of hand-holding in terms of ideation, has an in-depth knowledge of best practices around the mobility industry, keeps competitive benchmarking in mind while coming up with new prototypes. Looking forward to shipping many wonderful products with him in coming months!"

"Prateek is a very creative UX designer, with great ideas and great experience, which he uses to create nice and satisfying UX design flows. His goal is always to make the experience smooth and the customer happy with the UI he uses, so he does not stop until it is perfect. Nice to have him in the team!"

"A very creative mind and has the potential to turn mundane into art. Enoyed our creative UIUX sessions."

"Prateek was responsible for designing our website www.designerexchange.com He did a tremendous job and we are thrilled with the result"

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